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Employment Opportunities in Histotechnology

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Posted: 17-July-2019

Job Title: Histotech

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Employer Name: Pathkare Laboratory

Employer Details: Anatomic pathology lab, mostly processing GI biopsies.

Employer Website: pathkare.com

Job Duties
Part-time position, covering 3-5 days a week, mostly embedding, cutting and staining.

Instructions for applying
Send an email to pathkare@gmail.com

Lab tech II

Posted: 1-July-2019

Job Title: Lab tech II

Location: Anaheim, CA

Employer Name: Lebrun Labs LLC

Employer Details: Service and research testing lab. Currently SBIR funded.

Employer Website: Lebrunlabs.com

Job Duties
Ex vivo and in vitro assays. Tissue sectioning, staining, immunoassays, biochemical assays and data analysis. Attention to detail, desire to work in small company with a variety of things to get done. Stable and hardworking.

Instructions for applying
Send resume to Sj@lebrunlabs.com

Certified Histotechnician

Posted: 19-June-2019

Job Title: Certified Histotechnician

Location: Placentia, CA

Employer Name
West Dermatology

Hours: 6pm to 2am

Primary Purpose:
To assist in routine and other non-standard staining tests used in diagnosis and treatment of disease, under general supervision by the Lab Supervisor, functions as a technologist in the Immunohistochemisty Laboratory, performs a wide variety of immunoperoxidase staining procedures, in-situ hybridization staining, histochemical stains, daily QC review with a Pathologist, and other related duties.

Incumbent must be able to flex work hours as needed to meet Department operational needs.

Requires high-level organizational and multi-tasking skills to complete staining utilizing multiple different methodologies for a variety of antibody and special stains. Classification based on education and related experience in an immunopathology or histology laboratory.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To log required and regulated temperatures, reagents, and instrument maintenance of all equipments as required by CLIA / CAP and other regulating agencies on the equipments’ log with dates and initials.

  • To embed at least more than 10% of the total blocks accurately as instructed by the policies and procedures.

  • To cut at least more than 10% of the total routine blocks accurately as instructed by the policies and procedures.
  • To perform special staining and IHC (Immunohistochemistry) procedures as instructed by the reagents/equipments manufacturer’s and laboratory policies and procedures.
  • Organizes daily workload by stain request (i.e. IHC, Special stains, and recuts of slides).

  • Prepares slides for routine, special and immunohistochemical staining.

  • Prepares all necessary Antibodies, detection kits, enzyme / digestion reagents, and appropriate controls prior to starting the IHC autostainer.

  • To prepare patient slides and blocks for Quality Control.

  • To perform evaluation of all control slides and maintain Quality Control log.

  • To complete procedures within strict deadlines.

  • To deliver slides for microscopic examination.

  • Troubleshoots test results immediately with lab supervisor, or independently.

  • To assist in maintaining master antibody list.

  • To complete validations as instructed by the laboratory policy and procedure manual.

  • To write and revise laboratory policy and procedure manual as needed.

  • To assist laboratory supervisor with projects and performs other duties as assigned.

  • To receive, and log specimens on the laboratory computer program system for gross examination.

  • To perform gross examination of specimens as instructed by the policies and procedure manual.

  • To diligently follow all lab procedures in the preparation of tissue samples for pathological testing.

  • To prepare slide preps specimens for microscopic within the same day of receipt.

  • To be aware of and strictly comply with all OSHA (safety) and CLIA (lab certification and registration) and HIPAA (patient confidentiality) regulations in the performance of all aspects of the position.

  • To efficiently organize, file and be able to locate all specimen blocks, containers and log reports and dispose them as necessary per CLIA regulations.

  • To appropriately maintain all solutions and stains used in the pathological testing process according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • To operate, clean and sterilize laboratory equipment, glassware and instruments, ensuring a clean work area at all times.

  • To courteously, professionally and in a timely manner, respond to routine laboratory inquiries both internal and external, whether in writing, in person or over the phone.

  • To maintain an adequate supply of all items necessary for laboratory operations by maintaining an accurate and timely inventory and ordering supplies bi-weekly.

  • To continually update the laboratory manuals by staying abreast of new product/chemical and other new laboratory information and ensuring all updates are made in the manual and communicated appropriately.
  • To participate in continuing education through required meeting attendance, including in-service meetings and educational programs.

  • To participate in cross-training for other employees as requested by supervisor.

  • To provide feedback to supervisors regarding laboratory policies and procedures to ensure continual improvement of processes.

  • To contribute to a fair and positive work environment by treating patients, peers, superiors, subordinates, vendors and all others with professionalism and respect.
  • To perform other duties as assigned.

Instructions for applying
Please email your resume or CV to staylor@westderm.com


Posted: 8-May-2019

Job Title: Histotechnologist

Location: Aliso Veijo, CA

Employer Name
Neogenomics Laboratories Inc.

Employer Details
We provide expert bone marrow and surgical pathology consults; cancer cytogenetics with industry-leading turnaround times; hematologic and solid tumor FISH testing with the largest menu of technical-only services available; 10-color flow cytometry; histology supported by an extensive IHC antibody library; and >150 molecular oncology tests comprising the most comprehensive combination of multi-method tumor profiles and targeted biomarker tests in the industry. Our technical-only testing programs feature on-demand or live training and are available to pathologists who wish to sign out FISH, flow cytometry, and/or IHC. Our Pharma Services division offers all of these methodologies along with other technology platforms to provide laboratory services that meet the rapidly evolving needs of our clients. Through our differentiators of expertise, flexibility and scalability we partner with our clients to develop better, more effective drugs. We support clients in many cancer-related market segments including hospital and private pathology laboratories, office-based oncologists, academic institutions, contract research and pharmaceutical development organizations, and more.

Employer Website: https://neogenomics.com/

Job Duties
Are you motivated to participate in a dynamic, multi-tasking environment? Do you want to become part of a company that invests in its employees? Are you seeking a position where you use your laboratory skills while continuing to learn? Then we encourage you to dive deeper into this opportunity.

NeoGenomics is looking for a Histotechnologist I, II, III who wants to continue to learn in order to allow our company to grow.

Now that you know what we're looking for in talent, let us tell you why you'd want to work at NeoGenomics:

NeoGenomics Laboratories is comprised of a national team of experts in developing and delivering laboratory diagnostic and clinical trial services with a focus in cancer. It is the common purpose of all NeoGenomics employees to save lives by improving patient CARE through Communication, Accuracy, Reliability, and Efficiency. Our staff physicians, scientists, laboratory professionals, client services representatives, and sales people team up with our clients. Together, we work to solve the medical, scientific, and logistical challenges of making precise diagnoses, aiding in bringing new therapies to market and finding the unusual hallmarks of each patient’s disease that point the way to proper treatment.

As an employer, we promise to provide you with a purpose driven mission in which you have the opportunity to save lives by improving patient care through the exceptional work you perform. Together, we will become the world's leading cancer reference laboratory.


As a Histotechnologist I, II, III, you will work under general direction to precisely and accurately conduct a variety of routine and specialized histology procedures. You will research, troubleshoot, and resolve histology related inquiries and problems within the laboratory. This position requires you to produce the highest quality of embedding, microtomy, tissue grossing, tissue processing, and H&E staining, special staining and equipment maintenance.


  • You will need an associates degree in the field.
  • You will need to have completed a one year internship or a long-term training program in a Histopathology lab.


  • Level I: 1+ years of equivalent experience as a Histotechnician preferred.
  • Level II: 4+ years of equivalent experience as a Histotechnician preferred.
  • Level III: 6+ years of equivalent experience as a Histotechnician preferred.


  • Nationally: HT (ASCP) or HTL (ASCP)
  • Florida: Current state license to perform laboratory testing = Medical Laboratory Professional
  • Knowledge of laboratory techniques
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Good social skills and attention to detail
  • Motivated to maintain production and quality standards
  • Willing to work in a biohazard environment and follow safety policies and standards outlined in the Safety Manual
  • Good visual acuity including color perception required for certain departments
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

Instructions for applying
Please visit https://neogenomics.com/careers and view our Histotechnologist openings under our Anatomic Pathology category.


Posted: 30-April-2019

Job Title: Histologist

Location: Palo Alto, California

Employer Name
Client of Aerotek

Employer Details
Aerotek is a staffing and recruiting agency with several offices located across the country. Aerotek's client is a healthcare provider. The candidate will be an employee of Aerotek working onsite in Palo Alto for the client.

Job Duties
The Histotechnician embeds and cuts a wide variety of surgical and research tissue, including autopsy specimens, tiny biopsies, lymph nodes, breast tissue and bone marrow. Sections paraffin embedded tissue at 1-7 microns and mounts on microscope slides. Performs a variety of staining techniques for microscopic evaluation.

1) Able to cut high quality 1-4 micron sections of small and difficult biopsy specimens

2) Able to cut 50-75 blocks per day while maintaining a high quality product

3) Perform routine H&E stains as well as routine special stains

4) Able to organize and prioritize specimens and tasks to produce a high quality product in an efficient and timely manner

5) Perform quality control on sections and staining procedures to ensure a high quality finished product

6) Able to work overtime and cover other shifts as warranted by the department

7) Able to work in a fast paced, high volume laboratory

8) Must comply with all applicable health and safety policies

9) Must be able to prioritize and successfully multitask

10) Participate in a positive manner in all department meetings

11) Participate in the rotation as department safety officer

12) Other work related duties as assigned

13) Committed to customer satisfaction

14) Committed to working in a team environment

15) Able to follow written and oral directions

16) Maintains cooperative and professional attitude when interacting with others both inter- and interdepartmentally

17) Expected behaviors include adaptability to change, collaboration toward common goals, is self-motivated and takes initiative

18) Expected communication skills involve active listening and proper email etiquette

19) Performs other duties as requested

Will work with a very cohesive team, everyone is very helpful and respectful. They have a lot of fun at work!

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

Ability to foster effective working relationships and build consensus

Ability to learn new procedures and adapt to technological changes in the laboratory

Ability to organize, prioritize, multi-task, and adapt to changing priorities

Ability to perform basic mathematics

Ability to speak and write English effectively at a level appropriate for the job

Knowledge of computer systems and software used in functional areas

For Histotech Level I: certification is not required

For Histotech Level II: ASCP certification is required

Instructions for applying
Please send your resume to Pedro Garcia at pgarcia5@aerotek.com

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